Friday, November 30, 2012

Decorating a girls room on a budget

My beautiful girl is growing up. It makes me sad but excited for her! She was moving into our guest room and when I was asking her how she wanted me to decorate it she said she didn't want anything babyish.  We went to Hobby Lobby and found this fun pink and black fabric and I went ahead and got a yard of it not really sure what I would do with it.  She got a big bed and a big dresser that should last her until college. And I wanted to try and decorate it cute but recycle most of her old decorations. 

First I took her old lamp that we got when she was a baby and was covered in dragonflies, and I simply covered it with the cute fabric. I rolled the shade along the fabric to cut the right shape. Next I Modge poged it on. I hot glued the fabric to the inside of the lamp shade both on the top and the bottom to make sure it would stay securely in place.  

Next we got her letters from her room that were white and covered in baby scrapbook paper and recovered it with the fabric as well. First I painted the letters black and then I simply laid the letters over the fabric and traced the size I needed and cut them out.  Then I put modge podge all over the letters laid the fabric on top and modge podged the top .  I wish I had a before picture because they look sooo different.
Next I wanted a large picture for a large wall. When this room was our guest room we had a large picture of a vintage truck on the wall. Seems odd but someone gave my husband the picture and I liked the black frame and white mat. So, I simply took the vintage picture out and modge podged the fabric right on top of it.  Next I found a print that I really liked (I found this picture as a free printable on pintrest) and had it printed as an 8x10 picture.  When it came in I modge podged it to the fabric and that was it.  Don't you love how it turned out.  I'm not sure why its hard to read in this image but it says "if this isn't your castle your not my prince."  I am so happy with it as the main art piece in the room and I love that it is church related but girly at the same time.  

As for the rest of the room we just decorated in matching colors.  I made Black and hot pink pillows for the bed and a hot pink bed spread and pillow shams. It's amazing what you can do with just 1 yard of fabulous fabric! So fun. Now she has a room that she loves now and will hopefully love for many years.

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