Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spruce up a basic onsie

The only way she was going to let me get a picture of her is if I let her take a picture of me at the same time :) She's such a silly little girl! Love Her!

One of the quickest easiest projects around is to spruce up a basic onsie. I got this Idea from ucreate you can find her link here.  She has lots of cute ideas. Lots of which I have duplicated in my own way. Unfortunately, this kid grows like a weed and the ones I've done are all now too small. I will be doing more similar things in the near future and I'll show them to you then.

Anyway, its super easy and simple. I just used felt so there is no fraying and well, felt is cheap! All you have to do if you use felt is cut out the shape you want and attach it. It holds up amazingly well. I've never had any problems with them coming off in the wash or anything, Love it! Easy and simple way to dress up a simple Onsie and if you have kids you probably have LOTS of them.  You could even sew it by hand.  You could do anything for any holiday jack o lantern, Turkey, Christmas tree, Valentines heart, shamrock, etc. What a great idea for a shower or new baby gift! The possibilities are endless.

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