Monday, November 5, 2012

From Wedding Dress to Baptism Dress

  My Sister-in-law had the greatest idea. She wanted to make a baptism dress for her daughter out of her wedding dress.  Isn't that such a great idea. I mean really she wasn't wearing it anymore :) and it was made of gorgeous material with intricate embroidered flowers and hand sewn peals. Beautiful! She asked me if I was up for it and I was so flattered that she asked me. We set about trying to find pictures or a pattern that she liked.  This proved to be the hardest part! She likes beautifully simple things. We went back and forth for several weeks looking at pictures of dresses on Pintrest and going to pick out patterns but still couldn't find anything that fit her vision exactly. I gathered several pattern pieces that I thought could work.  I ended up using 4 different patterns to get the right look. One for the Bodice, a different one for the back, One for the skirt and one for the sleeves. And I ended up taping the bodice and skirt together so it would be one piece without a seam down the middle.  Sounds complicated I know but it wasn't to bad. I was just glad it was coming together and Hoped that my vision and Her vision were the same thing since we never could find an image that was exactly what she wanted.

I'm not going to lie the dress hung like this in my living room for about 4 days. I was a little stressed out about the idea of cutting up a VERY expensive wedding dress. She also has 3 daughters and wanted me to make sure I only used a third of the dress so that there was enough for the next 2 dresses. That being said I knew there was absolutely NO room for error. I finally got up the nerve to get started and I think it turned out perfect. A beautiful dress for a beautiful girl on a very very beautiful day!!

Doesn't this remind you of something from a movie. Like the secret garden or something. Seriously Stunning!
Aren't the pictures AMAZING! My sister-in-law is the best photographer around!  Andrea Tuft photography, Go check out her blog here. Hire her you won't regret it! 


  1. What a great idea! And you are so brave! That would have been way too stressful for me, even if I could sew! :) You are so talented! It turned out beautiful!

  2. Monique! This is amazing! I just LOVE the whole idea! What an incredible talent you have! Seriously, AMAZING! Maybe I will commission you to do the same for me?

  3. Thanks ladies :) Kari I would love to do the same for you when the day comes! Kristine I was super stressed out about cutting it up but I'm glad it all worked out! So fun!

  4. i want that done to my wedding dress too... but i'm thinking one dress is enough and that we can pass it down to the other girls when they are old enough... they will probably be about the same size when each of them turn 8 years old

    1. So fun! One would definitely be enough to hand down to each daughter. I'd love to see how it turns out. I do custom orders so I'd be happy to do it for you if you'd like. Or if you have questions or need help let me know. Good luck!

  5. This is awesome! I wanted to do the same thing and you may have given me the courage to give it a shot! Thank you! I'm only sad their weren't more pictures. I seriously can't get enough! Your niece is beautiful and the dress looks great!


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