Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Upscale: Drab to fab sweatshirt

 I got this sweatshirt for Deja because she is all about being cozy.  How ever I knew I had to fix it up because well..... that's what I do :)

I had some faux fur left over from this project,a and so I decided to add it to the hoodie.  So cute right! However I knew I wanted to do something more.  It still seemed a little to simple.

 So I decided to do something I've been wanting to do for a while. Fabric paint!! And glitter is a must right?

 I decided to go with white paint and basic silver glitter.
The first thing I did was cut out a basic heart on freezer paper and iron it on.  Freezer paper is perfect for homemade stencils. 

Next mix your paint with glitter and just paint it on. 

It will take a couple of hours to dry. I just let mine sit overnight.  Then simply peel off the freezer paper and throw it away.  So cute right!

She was so excited about her new, now way girlier sweatshirt.

She cracks me up.  She is all about me taking her picture and then striking poses.

And it must of been contagious because the other girls insisted on me taking pictures of them too. Even Devyn with her super messy hair that she refuses to let me pin back out of her eyes. 

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