Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cute Ruffle Shirt

You know that adorable ruffle fabric I showed you here?

When I first saw it I knew it had to be mine. I literally

made 8 shirts out of it HA! It so fun, and it makes a

HUGE difference in a short amount of time.  Also a

little bit goes a Loooong way. A half a yard got me 4

shirt one for me and 3 for my girls. So ya we pretty

much have all matching shirts ha ha!

All I did was take a basic t-shirt and cut along the seams

on both sides all the way up to the sleeves. Then I laid

the ruffles on top and used the t-shirt as my pattern to

cut out the ruffle fabric.  Next I pinned the

ruffles to the t-shirt paying special attention to

make sure the ruffles are all facing down and

sewed it on.  Next I pinned the t-shirt back

together and sewed along the original seams.  I did

sew across the top of the ruffle fabric and along

the bottom just to make sure it is attached


I'm seriously obsessed how adorable is this!  Yes, I

have them for all of us in white, pink, black and soon to be yellow.  It's okay, ruffles are in..... right?

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  1. So cute Monique!! I especially love the white tank. How fun! (I do that all the time, by the way. Whenever I find a shirt I love I buy them in like every color. So I don't think it's weird at all to make tons of these!) :)


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