Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crochet Trim TShirt

 I saw a shirt I LOVED on Pintrest, and knew I had to try and make one for myself.  The blog is Trash to Couture and I LOVE her style. Her version is here. Beautiful stuff.  Here is my version.

Step one: Find a shirt that you love but that is maybe a little small or tighter then you want.

Step two: Find some Vintage lace that you Love. Laura from Trash to Couture uses lace trim. I actually used an old lace table runner that My mom gave me. When I saw it I instantly knew I would be making this shirt out of :) 

Step three: Cut the shirt along the inside seam and if it has sleeves chop those off. I then measured my lace trim and cut up the middle so one thick piece is now 2 thinner strips. and pinned to the rite side of the shirt all the way up to the sleeves. do the front & the back on both sides. like in the picture below. Then sew the lace on. Now line the shirt back up so it's how it was before you cut it. Pin all the way down the lace and sew the shirt back together. Make sure you leave arm holes. Now the shirt fits so much better and I'm loving the vintage look!

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