Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bustle a wedding dress

I realize that the average Sewer isn't always sewing or altering wedding dresses. However, I didn't want to leave out this post because I wanted to show you how something that seems so complicated can actually be easier then you thought. So try your very very hardest not to be intimidated by formal wear. At the end of the day its still just fabric and was made with needle and thread just like everything else you wear.  
With the bustle undone
This beautiful girl is the sweetest thing you could ever meet and soooo tiny. She had a gorgeous lace dress that was pretty much perfect in every way. However, it had a small train and did not have a bustle in the back. Doesn't that seem strange? Every wedding dress with a train has a bustle in it right? Well apparently not. From what I'm hearing lately, a bustle no longer comes standard on all wedding dresses. 

Anyway, She had hired a DJ and she and her groom were planning on dancing the night away.  She knew that would be hard to do without bustling the dress up.  

I have a wedding dress hanging in my living room waiting for me to refashion it into a baptism dress (more on that later). It did have a bustle. I also actually pulled out my own wedding dress to see how the bustle was done on both of them. And honestly I was surprised to see how simple it was. It was a simple hook (like from a hook/eye) located just at the base of the zipper. Instead of the eye it just had several pieces of matching thread sewn across in a line about half an inch across.

 Easy enough! The whole thing was sewn by hand in 20 minutes! The most difficult part was finding exactly the right place to attach the thread so that when it's pulled up it doesn't touch the floor but still hangs low enough so it doesn't look like she's waiting for the floods :). I also wanted to make sure that where it was attached it all hung elegantly. Isn't she GORGEOUS!! I love weddings & brides.
With Bustle up.
So easy, anyone can do these types of small alterations. Don't let yourself be intimidated by formal wear.

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