Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Take in a shirt in just a few minutes.



Remember those shorts we took in last week that are here? Well some of the shirts are pretty large as well. So instead of trying to tuck all that excess material in, we decided to take 10 minutes and alter it so it fits well.

Lay a shirt that fits well over the shirt that you would like to take in, and either mark all the way down with a marking pen or pins.

I chose to mark with pins so I could just sew it right away. 
Now you are ready to sew. Just follow your markings. This material tends to fray, so I sewed a straight stitch all the way down and followed with a zigzag stitch to decrease fraying.
Then you can cut the excess. I had him try it on first before I cut off the excess just to make sure I didn't take off too much. It's always easier to unpick it if you made it to small. You can't reattach the fabric if you cut off to much! Then, once you've tried it on and made sure you've taken in enough, trim off the excess.
Once you've trimmed, it you're done. Doesn't it look so much better fitted?

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