Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dress up a t-shirt with lace

I just have to start out by being honest. Most of the things I make are in some way a copy of something I saw and liked. I was looking at an amazing blog a pair and a spare. She made a beautiful sweatshirt that I really liked. She got the idea from the Jason Wu runway show.

I thought it was gorgeous and wanted to recreate it in my own way except on a t-shirt.

So this is what I did. I took a basic grey t-shirt. and cut around the front of the sleeve & across the top seem. So you end up with a flap that is unattached.

I realize this picture it hard to see but hopefully you get the idea.
 Next lay your lace across the flap how you would want it to look and cut it out so it matches the flap, with the ends slightly hanging over the edge. Once you have it cut out pin it on and sew it to the flap just by following along the outer edge of the lace.  Now it should be attached to your shirt.
 Now your going to flip your shirt inside out and reattach it all. You are basically just going to sew it right back together were you cut it before.  Pin along the sleeves were it was cut and along the top and sew it back together so it will look as if you never cut it! Do the same thing to the other side.
 Fun and easy way to dress up a basic t-shirt.


  1. And it looked even better in person--the pictures don't really do it justice! Great idea.


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