Monday, October 22, 2012

Resize a Denim shirt

Have you noticed the Denim shirt trend right now? Its HUGE. I mean look at all these celebs in denim shirts
I know right?? Big!!! I've been wanting one for a while and by this point you probably realize that I am not a big fan of spending tons of money on clothes. Jeans maybe but tops...... NO. 
So one day when I was at the thrift store looking at patterns I saw this humungo denim shirt. I knew I could probably make it fit me, it was a brand name, and I thought it was cheap enough that I could make it worth it.  Don't tell the hubby :) He's the biggest germ aphob EVER and would die at the thought. But I don't see the big deal as long as it looks new and I wash it I don't care. This tutorial is similar to the one I did to take in Hubbys shirts here
Lay out a shirt that fits well over the other shirt with both of them inside out. You can trace it with a marking pencil or do what I did and mark the shirt with pins.
Follow it all the way around. In this case I traced a short sleeve shirt and the denim shirt is 3/4 length so I just eyeballed it and kinda tapered in toward the end of the sleeve. Then just sew on the outside edge using the pins as your guide. I don't know if you can see it but this one has a pleat at the chest area. Just pin and sew right threw it.
I did a straight stitch and then followed it with a zigzag stitch to reduce fraying. If you have a serger then I am extremely jealous :) then you would just serge the whole thing. Then trim off the excess.

Flip it right side out wear it and love it! Doesn't it look like a completely different shirt!

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