Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Witches festival at Gardeners village

So this post has nothing to do with sewing. However I thought It would be fun to document some of the fun stuff we do since I'm not always so great at documenting that kind of stuff.

We have this awesome family tradition. Every year at Halloween time we meet up with my mom and all the cousins and go visit the witches at Gardner village. It's so fun & the kids love it.

My mom is so cute & every year she goes all out with the whole witch outfit. This year she got these sunglasses for it months in advance lol. She takes these things very seriously ;)

My girls each have there own witch hat and this year the wind was blowing so hard. In some ways I was glad because it kept the crowds away. But the wind took my sweet daughters hat & blew it right into the water. Then she started crying hysterically because she thought the ducks were going to eat it. Kids are so funny! One of the ladies that worked there was nice enough to help us fish it out of the water.
It's one of my favorite traditions. If you haven't gone yet you should go!

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