Monday, September 24, 2012

Taking in Men's shorts

My husband Kelly has recently lost some weight & some of his favorite shorts no longer fit. So he asked me to take them in. I made him pose for the camera first. Lol I'm so sneaky.

To be honest, this kind of stuff is what I do on the sewing machine the majority of the time. I thought I might as well document it & let you know what I do.

Now to say that Kelly is extremely picky about things is an understatement. So I'm always a little nervous doing adjustments for him.

But throwing out your favorite shorts because you've lost some weight seems ridiculous to me.

So all I do is have him put them on inside out & I measure how much he wants me to take in. I carefully pin each side so they are even & sew down 5 or 6 inches slowly tapering out so it's not noticeable. It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but if you look closely you can see where I stitched.

He used to pay the seamstress from The Buckle big bucks to alter his jeans. I thought duh, I could totally do that! So I studied what she did & copied it. Honestly, it's super duper easy.

Just be careful you sew along the seam & don't accidentally sew the pocket closed. Easy as that. It only took about 10 minutes.

I think he is looking good! Love you babe :) thanks for letting me embarrass you in this post!


  1. The shorts turned great, and they fit better than ever! Thx Monique.

  2. Your welcome babe :) I'm glad you like them!

  3. I didn't even notice that you had done anything to them. They looked great on him. Good work and way to save money because I know how picky he is. Sorry Kelly!

    1. LOL, It's true he is Very Picky. It's not a bad thing.


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