Monday, January 21, 2013

Rice bag

So I've been trying to think of simple sewing things to make to help the girls learn how to sew. They ask ALL the time. And, as strange as it sounds I have never made these microwavable rice bags. 
 All you are going to do is measure how big you want it. In this case I did 2 rice bags and 1 flax seed bag. So I just placed the bag or rice on your flannel fabric and cut out 2 pieces. A front and a back. Or have your little girl cut it out :)
Make it however big or small as you want. We also made some pocket sized ones that I forgot to take a picture of :(    Next just sew or serge around the 3 sides.  You should be left  with a little pouch type thing. Fill it up with rice.
Then, being careful not to let the rice fall out, sew up the forth and final side. Your done. Throw it in the microwave for about 45 seconds and if will stay nice and warm for about 30 minutes.  My girls love them.  Perfect after a day of playing in the snow!

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