Monday, January 14, 2013

Make a scarf

My cute little sewing student has been over eager to start working on projects.  Since she's only 7 I thought we would start out with some non-sewing projects to get her used to cutting out fabric and having a fun finished  project to wear in a short amount of time.  She is really into scarfs right now so all we did was measure around her neck and see how long she wanted it. Then we just cut a strip out. It was 6 inches by 30 inches. Next we simply strips on both ends for fringe. No need for sewing at all :)
We did one in red and one in fun sparkly black Fleece.  So cute, and she is so proud which I absolutely love! She is also working on a fleece blanket for her sister.  She is super excited to surprise her with it once it's all tied. 

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