Monday, December 10, 2012

Santas circle skirt

Girls just love the circle skirt. My girls call it the spinning skirt because it spins like nobody's business! So easy too!

 All you do, is measure your sweet girl to find the length you need. Next lay out your fabric just how you get it from the store (leave it in half like it came off the bolt.) then fold it over again and measure the length you need.
For example my 7 year old needed 21 inches in length so I measured down & marked it,measured & mark it, again & again until I had an arc shape. Then cut it out following your markings & it will look like this.
Then your going to do the same thing for the waist. I measured 5 inches & did the same thing. Mark it & cut it out. When you unfold it will look like this.
Then all the way & its going to look like this.

Next you can just add elastic to the waist & you have a skirt. In this case I wanted to do a Christmas theme. I added black lace all the way around and added gold fabric paint for a buckle. Then I decided to add white faux fir trim to the bottom.

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