Wednesday, December 19, 2012

maxi skirt

I have made a TON of Maxi Skirts in just about every color. However, I haven't ever been super great about documenting it.  So here you go!

First thing first, Your going to find some stretchy Jersey fabric and get a yard and a half.  It doesn't Have to be Jersey but you are going to want something with a little bit of stretch to it.
Next you are going to measure your waist. When I say waist I'm meaning where you wear your pants or where you will eventually wear your skirt. Then divide that number by 2 and subtract 1 inch for stretch.  For example if your waist is 30 inches around you will divide it in half so 15 and subtract 1. So this is going to be the top waist measurement. Find the middle of the narrowest part of your fabric (it should still be folded in half just how it came off the bolt) then you are going to measure and pin each side. So that it's centered on the top of the fabric. Make sure you pin through both layers of fabric so you should have 2 pins marking the waist size you need.

Next you are going to measure the length that you need. (sorry for the blurry picture). Just measure from your hip or where you want the top to be all the way to the floor or however long you would like it to be. Then you are going to put your measuring tape at the pin you pinned for the waist and go out diagonally all the way to the edge of the fabric until you have the length that you need and mark it all the way down on both sides. cut along your markings and you'll have a large "A" type shape.

Pin both sides and sew the back and front pieces together.  Hem it. In this case I used my fabulous rolling hem foot so I could get that cool lattice type edge at the bottom. With Jersey fabric you don't have to hem it. I've even seen them at the store un-hemmed. It doesn't fray at all so it's just your personal preference.

Next you are going to attach the elastic. I wanted to use the thicker stuff. You just measure your waist with the elastic stretching it for comfort and cut and sew together. If you are making it for someone else just cut it 2.5 inches smaller then the waist size so it has the right amount of stretch. Then once you've sewn the raw edges of the elastic together you are going to pin it to the right side of the skirt all the way around. Then sew along the top edge.

Once it's sewn flip the elastic out and it should look like this.  Your done.

 The most comfortable skirt in the world. Dress if up, dress it down there are so many ways to wear this baby. No one needs to know its as comfy as PJs :). Once you've made one of these you will want to make more. Trust me :)

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