Monday, December 17, 2012

MP3 Player case

My 7 year old daughter is all about her music! It cracks me up because she thinks she's so old with her head phones in just bopin away :) When really, it's all Disney music and primary songs on her MP3 player. 

A couple of months ago she dropped her MP3 player for the trillionth time. This time was one time to many and we couldn't get it to turn back on after that.  Ever since she's been asking for a new one.  I found a really great one at ShopKo on black Friday that was way nicer then the one she had. But, it was such a smokin' good deal I couldn't pass it up.  So, after I purchased it I immediately started trying to think of a way we could protect it a little better so that it would have a better fate then the last one.

  I decided the best option was to make a little padded purse just for it.  I didn't want to take it out of the package before Christmas so this picture above just has my cell phone in it which is actually a little bit bigger then the actual MP3 player but you get the general idea.

 I got the dimensions of the MP3 player and traced it on fleece.
Next I found some fun shiny fabric for the front and simply sewed them together with the fleece as the inside piece. 
Then I flipped them inside out so that you can't actually tell there is fleece inside.  Then I sewed on some silver braided stuff for a strap and voila. 

Now hopefully it won't be dropped because it's in a fancy purse. And this way if it is, (which I'm sure it will be) hopefully it's in the case and has a little bit more padding. I hope she likes it. 

My 4 year old isn't quite sure what she modeling (in her PJ's :) ) but she was happy to do it!! She's all about striking a pose whenever she can!

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