Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cute yet Functional Apron

I have a pampered chef apron that I absolutely love. It's not the cutest thing I've ever seen- not ugly, just sort of plain Jane. I love that it has an adjustable neck so I can make it as tight or lose as I'd like, and it's really wide on the sides so it covers everything really well. Honestly- what more could you ask for from an apron?! It is there just to protect your clothes right?

Well I'm sure you've seen the super popular flirty apron. WAY cute! I saw a kiosk for them at the mall and although they were super cute, I couldn't help but think if I got it I would most likely revert back to my trusty yet rather boring pampered chef apron for no other reason than it would cover me more & would probably keep me cleaner. Then it dawned on me. "you're a sewer. Doi!" Recreate the pampered chef apron with cute material & add ruffles, flowers, pearls or whatever cutsy thing I wanted to create the best of both worlds.

First things first. Pick out some adorable yet heavy duty fabric.You'll need about a yard and a half.  I chose to go with Duck fabric because it felt thick and apron-esque, if that's a word. I just checked- yup, it's a word. I thought this fabric material seemed cute and girly and the colors were perfect for the person I was making it for.

Layout your favorite apron on top and just cut around it, allowing an inch and a half for rolled hemming.  And just cut it out. That's how I roll. I could make it more complicated but I simply cut around it. If you feel more comfortable tracing it and then cutting it out, go for it!

Cut a 12 inch by 9 inch rectangle for a pocket if you want it. I wanted to add a ruffle to the bottom, but had a largish rectangle instead of a long strip so I just cut 3 strips that I'll stitch together and ruffle at the bottom for extra cuteness. And that small pile in the corner is all the fabric I had left.

I then fold over just a little, maybe a quarter of an inch & iron.

Then fold over again, so you have about an inch, and iron & pin. You're only going to do this to the top, bottom & sides.

Then if you have to, do what I have to do. Give that adorable munchkin some lunch and take her picture so she doesn't feel jealous of the sewing.

Your going to leave the arm pit areas alone for now. Sew all the areas you've pinned along the inner edge.

 Once you've done that & sewn it all along the inner edge your ready for the armpit area which is where you are going to add your ribbon so it needs to be a little thicker. I did the same thing- turned it under 1/4 of an inch and iron, then turn it over about and inch and a half and sew. DO NOT sew along the top or bottom. remember you are going to thread a ribbon through it, and need it open so you can do that.

Now your basic apron is done. This is the time to cute it up a little. I turned my pocket in 1/4 of an inch and ironed (are you feeling the theme here?) and about an inch on the top. Measure the apron and find the middle or just eyeball it and pin it. Sew along both sides and the bottom. I sewed a line down the middle to make it have 2 sections.
For whatever reason, I completly forgot to add pictures of creating the ruffle. I sewed my 3 strips together to make one long strip. Hem both sides and the bottom. On the top you're just going to do a basting stitch and pull the thread, being super carful not to break the thread. Adjust the ruffle until you feel it's even. Then pin it to the right side of the apron and simply sew all the way across.

So cute, right?! Then you just thread your ribbon through ( I used about 3 yards of ribbon but I like a looong tie) and voila! A Gorgeous yet very functional apron you will Love and look adorable in!

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the final project on before I gave it away but here is a picture of another one I did the exact same way! On this one I added some detachable flowers for added cuteness. 
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you make one for yourself and send me pictures!


  1. So cute! I wish I hadn't given away my sewing machine and fabric cutting board when we moved or I just might try to make one. :)

  2. Thanks Kristine! Fun and surprisingly simple. I just bought some adorable fabric for a couple of upcoming showers so I'll have to post pictures once I get them made!

  3. Those are great! So cute. And with the holidays coming up, these would make great gifts. Thanks for sharing.
    btw, what a cute kid in the middle of it all. :-)

  4. She did give the one away for a shower gift with some other kitchen items. It was such a cute a unique gift and the bride LOVED it. So fun!

  5. Thanks guys! I have made several of these and have given them all away as gifts. I have still not made one for myself :). Maybe I'll give myself an early Christmas present!!


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