Tuesday, September 25, 2012

pre-smocked fabric sundress

Have you seen the pre-smocked fabric at the fabric store? Isn't it fun?!

It can be a little pricy. However, if you can get it with a coupon or on a good sale, it is still cheaper than buying a dress.

I measured around my girls chest and realized they only need 1/2 a yard for 1 dress, so I was able to justify spending the money.

I found this cute yellow fabric on sale for $7 dollars a yard. So I thought for $3.50 per dress that was a fabulous deal.

All you do is measure around your little girl's chest. Make sure the smocked part of the material is the same width, add an inch for comfort. Then just sew the 2 raw edges together all the way down the length of the dress. On my girls the material was plenty long, but you may want to measure against your little one to make sure the length works. I added some ribbon for straps, and that's it! It comes already hemed & everything, so it couldn't be simpler. But it makes a fast, cheap, cute, semi-homemade summer dress. What more could you ask for?

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