Monday, June 16, 2014


Are your girls as obsessed with frozen as mine are? I have had tons of requests for Elsa dresses because they are sold out everywhere and have been for months. The only problem is I've been inundated with wedding season and have had to turn most of the Elsa requests down. But my adorable cousin was having a birthday & her mom was desperate so I agreed to make one really quickly for her. I ended up getting another call that same day for another. Long story short I ended up making 3 Elsa dresses in one day!! And I have a small stack of orders for more after I finish up all these crazy weddings. It was a really fun change of pace. I just used a basic long sleeve dress pattern and created a long cape out of a large rectangle that I cinched up. I modified the bodice of the dress to have the heart shaped faux neckline just like queen Elsa.

 I'm super lucky to have the perfect Elsa model. She can even freeze things, just ask her ;)

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  1. I love all of your posts lately! And that Elsa dress is even cuter in person.


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