Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blessing Dress Vision

A Few months ago I was contacted by a cute pregnant lady who had heard that I did custom sewing.  She had 3 boys and was finally pregnant with a little girl!!  She was so excited to dress her up for her blessing day! Over the following few months she emailed me several different pictures of blessing dresses that she liked, but there were certain things about each of them that she didn't love. So finally last week for the first time I was able to meet her in person! We met at the fabric store and sat down and went through several of the images that she sent me to figure out exactly what she liked and didn't like about each one. This dress could not have been more custom. We borrowed sleeve shapes from one dress, ruffles from another, ruffle sizes from another, etc, etc. 
I was so excited! I LOVE when people want something unique and let me help them in bringing it full circle. She chose a beautiful satin crepe for the base of the dress and the ruffles. The lace is a gorgeous hand beaded wedding lace that is embroidered with flowers and has sequins and pearls hand sewn into the flowers. It also has this beautiful scalloped edge that is done in white with a hint of silver. She also chose some beautiful buttons that have flowers on them and match the whole thing perfectly.  I took a basic blessing dress pattern and changed it to make it exactly what I wanted for this dress.  I also made a soft cotton slip so the seems of the dress wouldn't feel so harsh against her soft skin.  5 days and 5.5 yards of fabric later, it's done!! Isn't it beautiful. This sweet girl was such a good sport too. She came to my house after having had shots :(, and she even let me take her picture.
This dress is available for order here in my etsy shop.  Or if you would like to order a custom dress for your sweet girl for a baptism, blessing or any special occasion let me know.  Every girl deserves to look beautiful on her special day, regardless of what day that might be. :)

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