Monday, July 1, 2013

Twirly Circle Dress

I am just in love with these adorable circle dresses. They are what I call semi Homemade.

You start with a tshirt. I used one with a big stain on it.

Next, measure from where you want the waist band to be, down to the length you'd like and write it down.

Next, you are going to measure your fabric.  Cut the waist first you are going to literally cut a circle for the waist.  This is where the fabric will attach to the Tshirt.

Then, Measure from the edge of the circle you just cut for the length you want and cut all the way around.  So you will end up with a big circle with a little circle in the middle.  When folded in half it will look like this.

Flip the fabric inside out and put the shirt inside it so that the right sides are together.  Pin all the way around. Sew all the way around

Next Hem or serge the bottom.

You can add a waist band ribbon or any type of embellishments that you want.

Have your princess take it for a spin.  Takes about 15 minutes to half an hour and turns out SO adorable. 


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  1. Okay, I'm going to have to try this! So cute!


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